Wedding Mistakes That Couples Should Avoid

Planning a wedding is not an easy task. Sometimes, partners and couples find themselves at odds when making a decision. This would leave them at the mercy of their event coordinator, who can also do so much.

But organizing your Big Day doesn’t have to be a competition between partners. In fact, avoiding these wedding planning mistakes would make the event staging a little less complicated for couples:

  • Planning too late

One of the things that couples need to bear in mind is that staging a smooth and hassle-free wedding would entail intricate and detailed planning. It also means that you need to allot adequate time to plot things out and smooth things over. So rushing the planning stage is definitely not a good idea. As early as six months before the agreed wedding date, you and your partners should be starting with planning things – from looking for a wedding photographer in Dubai to scouting for caterers.

In case that this is a rush wedding, get all the help you can get to stage it with minimal mistakes and less changes.


  • Not compromising

Another thing that makes planning difficult is the disagreement between partners. Most likely, each one has their own preference and taste that they want to implement during the big day. Disagreement during the planning stage is common, but if it will not be settled, it can lead to delays. If you and your partner are having difficulty on deciding, you can meet in the middle and compromise. But both should also accept that not all their ideas will be executed and they should be respecting their partner’s opinion of wedding matters. Do not proceed to the next item without compromising and agreeing.


  • Forgetting the checklist

The event checklist serves as the bible of event organizers. The list helps them to plan the wedding accordingly and eliminate chances of forgetting something. Usually, the wedding coordinator will be the ones to create this for the couple, but it wouldn’t hurt to create one for you and your partner to serve as a reference as well. During your meetings with your organizers, you can use your checklist to update the progress of the planning and what are things that need to be done based on the list.


  • Leaving everything to the coordinator

The wedding coordinator is heaven sent to would-be brides and grooms. His job is to make the event go as smooth as possible. But he also needs some help, especially from the couple. Do not leave everything to your coordinator, especially the decision part. Your wedding coordinator has a different preference from you and your partner. Do not leave them to decide on everything. Allot time to talk to your prospective event photographer in Abu Dhabi and other suppliers.