How To Enjoy Desert Trips Sans The Dune Bashing

Dune bashing is one of the highlights of a desert safari in Dubai. A lot of traveler wants to experience this heart-stopping moment when they booked a trip to this awesome destination.


However, not all tourist are keen on experiencing this activity. Some prefer to have a quiet stroll on the sea of sand. Without the dune bashing, they would think the trip would be worthless. But there are still activities that you can do to enjoy the desert without riding a 4WD.


  1. Get a taste of the finest Arabian cuisine


Food is always a part of everyone’s travel adventure, and getting a taste of the sumptuous dish that a location can offer is an ultimate travel goal. If you are in Dubai, whether you booked a Dubai city tour package or opt for a unique desert experience, do not forget to try out the authentic Arabian cuisine on your trip. Travel tour operators always include this on their tour packages. It might be new for your taste buds, but it can be a gastronomic experience you will never forget.


  1. Try on traditional Arabic costumes


To complete your desert experience and your exploration of Arabian culture, include on your desert travel list the Kandoora and Abaya dressing. These traditional Arabic dresses are being offered on desert trips. It is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure to try it on so when you get the chance, grab it.


  1. See some awesome entertainment


You might claim that you already see belly dancing even when you are not in Dubai. But seeing these graceful performers perform on their native land is a different story. Enjoy a night of entertainment and culture by watching authentic Arabic performances. You will realize that it is way different from what you usually see.


  1. Try some henna tattoo


Another thing that you can try out is the Arabic henna tattoo. Like the belly dancing, some people think that they already experience this on their previous travels, but trying them out and having an authentic one in the desert can be a great experience for you.


  1. Reconnect with nature


When we hear the phrase “reconnect with nature”, we always picture the beach or something green. But you can do that with the desert as well. As mentioned in the book The Alchemist, the desert is a perfect place to reconnect with yourself as it may made you realize how small you are in the scheme of things and be amazed with the wonderful sights of dunes and sand.