How to prepare your child for a dentist’s appointment

Teeth are a scary matter especially when it comes to examining them for a potential treatment which may or may not be painful. Even though honesty is the best policy pediatric dentist in Dubai would ask you to refrain from it a little bit. This is because sometimes parents are too open about the process which can scare the children even before the appointment. Don’t lie to them but instead use the following tips to prepare them for their appointment:

  • Explain them the process in their language

Children are too young and innocent to understand the cruelties of the world and this is why when you take them to the dentist for the first time, tell them what they can understand without getting into too much of details yet explaining them what is going to happen. Here’s how you can do this:

Tell children that the doctor will examine them for some bugs which could’ve formed when they ate too much of chocolates. Bugs are scary and can eat up their tooth which will leave them tooth less. We want to avoid that and this is why going to a doctor who fights off these bugs can be very helpful.

  • Avoid scary dental terms

Yes the process of dental treatment can be scary and it isn’t fun especially when it comes to taking care of tooth through a needle and a shot which can be painful. Use different terminologies instead like a sleepy juice or a relaxing medication. When they need to get a proper treatment done, the process can surely be very daunting for children and parents both. But don’t worry as a pediatrician who is well experienced and well known in their field will handle them very well. All you need to do is ask children to stay calm and keep them energized before the treatment and the doctor will take care of keeping them calm on their side by doing their best.

  • Reward them for good or bad performance

Even if your child cried a lot and didn’t take the checkup or treatment well, they still deserve a reward because the next time they go in, they know that a reward is waiting for them on the other side.

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